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participatory technology foresight, Fraunhofer CeRRI, 2015-2017

project by Fraunhofer CeRRI
funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
project lead: Simone Kaiser
concept: Marie Lena Heidingsfelder, Martin Kim Luge, Prof. Kora Kimpel
art direction: Martin Kim Luge
illustrations: Sandra Riedel
graphic-design: Sandra Riedel, Florian Paschke

Seeking to enable the »experts in everyday« to co-shape long-term trajectories of socio-technological advances, Shaping Future has developed an original participatory foresight methodology that draws from both design know-how and the social sciences. In a multi-staged co-ideational process, laypersons – people with a non-professional interest in technology – develop original notions of prospective human-machine cooperation and articulate their ideas in a variety of original formats. By engaging multiple senses, these formats help transcend the limitations of purely verbal expression and provide accessible forms of presentation.

In a round-up session, a group of specialists from a range of professional fields projects the outcomes of these workshops into participatory technology roadmaps by estimating when anticipated developments will become technologically feasible and by arranging them on a timeline based on these estimates. By projecting public needs and values into accessible scenarios and roadmaps, our method can help foster widely accepted research trajectories and highly marketable technological advances.

more information: www.shaping-future.de

Keynote at Research Winter Summit „Unfrozen“ with Marie Lena Heidingsfelder, Swiss Design Network, 2016

ceBIT 2016, Hannover